Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Posschain: A Multi-Chain Ecosystem Connecting All Blockchains




Posschain, a next-generation blockchain protocol, allows seamless scaling and communication of legacy, current, and future blockchains. The protocol has attained an advanced scalability position through advanced sharding, pipelining resemblant sale processing, and chunking. 

Notably, these technologies have helped Posschain pave the way for blockchain and its technologies by simplifying the use and development of blockchains and addressing common issues. The protocol has transcended all existing forms of blockchain technology by addressing scalability, interoperability, sustainability, and usability. The project’s team seeks to address these current limitations and make lasting contributions to the blockchain ecosystem through their hybrid software solution. 

The protocol incorporates an AI model that helps its network reach consensus effectively. This AI model helps reduce the overall complex error of the network. The design has effectively sped up the network’s batch processing times while keeping the network running under attacks or flags. In addition, the AI model helps Posschain reduce the average blockchain transaction confirmation time by optimizing the transaction queue engine and configuring a minimum threshold within the network before the start of the subsequent verification cycle.

Posschain has also created a decentralized neighbor selection protocol, constantly trying to develop optimal peer connections to reduce confirmation latency. The protocol achieves this by continually analyzing and learning how nodes interact with their neighbors.

The Possarena Framework, bridge and testnet

The Posschain development team has also created a framework called Possarena. The framework simplifies blockchain creation, allowing developers to focus on optimizing blockchains for specific use cases. The framework was designed to allow users to implement ready-made, fully customizable components or modules such as networking and consensus to suit their needs. This framework comes with various tools that streamline the blockchain development process and allow simple implementation of custom business logic. Developers can smoothly combine the off-the-shelf components offered by the Possarena framework.




Within the framework is a state-of-the-art peer-to-peer networking platform called libp2p uses a modular system of protocols, features, and libraries. This platform can be used to develop peer-to-peer networking applications.

Another feature is the Posschain bridge, which allows resources, information, and data to be shared between multiple blockchains in the different ecosystems.

The protocol also has a testnet, Possapp, which serves as an experimental playground blockchain for the Posschain community. The testnet allows developers to test blockchain applications and integrate them with all existing services Posschain offers. This is notably done without interrupting Mainnet’s operations allowing developers to explore Posschain technology limits in real-world applications before deploying to the Posschain Mainnet.

Posschain Token (POSS) Tokenomics

Posschain is currently concluding its first ICO stage for its native token Posschain (POSS), which allows users to transact with others while paying various utility fees in the ecosystem. The token can be used for the platform’s governance, betting, transactions, smart contracts, and validator rewards. The token has a total supply of 50 million tokens. 

Lastly, Posschain has built a genuine peer-to-peer community that is actively involved through events, grant programs, and collaborations. The Posschain community chooses Posschains’s management and development teams through voting. In addition, the community also makes contributions to fund the project.

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