Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

AdirizeDAO Aims To Be The New Hedge Against Inflation, as BTC, SOL Experience Severe Pullbacks




With its core feature as a currency without a central authority, Bitcoin (BTC) has been acclaimed as a hedge against inflation over the years. When major fiat currencies, especially the dollar, went through high CPI and inflation stages, many investors clamoured to buy the BTC coin.

However, analysts are beginning to reconsider their stance as the cryptocurrency seems to be going in a free fall since the bear market took over. The inflation going on has been declared as one of the contributing factors.

What if Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL) are not inflation hedges? AdirizeDAO (ADI) has made its way into the crypto market to answer that question.

AdirizeDAO (ADI)

AdirizeDAO (ADI) is an upgraded algorithm stablecoin powering a decentralized finance platform. It follows the pattern other platforms have taken; introducing a stablecoin to avoid price volatility.

Nevertheless, from the current situation with inflation, stablecoins have become somewhat unstable, and their value is weakening. In contrast, we have ADI, the governance token of the AdirizeDAO (ADI) platform, as a reserve currency. It is backed by a basket of assets that provide inherent value to the cryptocurrency.




AdirizeDAO (ADI) offers bonuses for early buyers who hop into presale. With Tether USDT, buyers can amass 17% more on the ADI tokens they get, with 7% more on every purchase.

For purchases made early after registration, there’s a 45% increase, and if you want to get even more, you can refer a friend and get them to spend $100 on ADI tokens for $30 equivalent added by the platform.

The Former Hedge Against Inflation- Bitcoin (BTC)

Seeing the original cryptocurrency fall due to inflation-related macroeconomic elements has led many into a path of doubt. Most especially investors who bought BTC for the short-term profit.

Bitcoin (BTC) dropped below $20,000 this year following one of the most unexpected crypto freeze-out seasons. Prices are down more than 50% year to date, and many predictions point to an even lesser value before the year ends.

While optimism still runs strong among Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasts as they believe the coin will rise high again, it’s safe to stay hopes have fallen among others. Investors are looking for diverse options for better chances of beating inflation.

Is There Hope For Solana (SOL)?

While the scalable blockchain is popular due to its desirable solutions, it isn’t doing well with prices. With a more than half drop in value since January, it seems the fingers of inflation are beginning to affect Solana (SOL). 

Fortunately, analysts predict positive gains for the cryptocurrency, as the platform it resides on is noted to be the “Ethereum killer.” With technological developments faster than most chains, Solana (SOL) has a high potential to bounce back.


While cryptocurrency isn’t affected by changing interest rates, many economies still see it as cash holdings.

With high speculations around cryptocurrency and the price volatility showing no signs of being resolved, many people might lose interest. Investors seek equilibrium, which AdirizeDAO (ADI) aims to provide.

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