Animoca Brands and TinyTap Announce Auction Of The Second Series of Teacher-Authored Publisher NFTs




The award-winning gaming and entertainment blockchain Animoca Brands and its subsidiary TinyTap are warming up for the second auction of their six teacher-authored Publisher NFTS. The 3-day event will be hosted on OpenSea on the 15th of December 2022 from 19:00 (EST.) Interested parties can visit the OpenSea website to participate or access more details.

While both companies will collaborate to ensure everything runs perfectly, the NFTs are a product of TinyTap, a leading code-free platform founded in 2012. TinyTap is the world’s largest educational games library. It supports the generation of educational content and currently boasts over 200,000 activities.

The TinyTap community consists of learners, parents, educators, and leading publishers like Oxford University Press and Sesame Street. Creators can expect to earn from the platform whenever members of the TinyTap community use their content.

Leveraging Web3 Technologies

TinyTap recently launched into the Web3 space and introduced Publisher NFTs to promote learning. The strategy also serves as an additional income stream since participating teachers are entitled to 50% of the net revenue from auctions.

Meanwhile, buyers of the NFTs automatically become co-publishers alongside TinyTap and the respective educator. Besides, buyers will receive 80% of the revenue generated from the courses in recognition of their marketing and promotional efforts.




TinyTap is looking to exhaust the idle potential in the still-developing web3 framework. This was revealed after the platform’s impressive success with its first OpeSea auction. “The success of the first TinyTap Publisher NFT auction demonstrated that NFTs can be leveraged to benefit teachers and educational content creators. We look forward to the upcoming second auction this week as we continue to work on developing this novel use case for NFTs in 2023 and beyond,” said Yat Siu, the executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands.

The sol-out auction generated a total of 138.926 ETH, an equivalent of US$228,000 at that time. Contributing educators received 67.7 ETH (US$111,000) of the revenue. Learn English with Gabi generated the most income. The NFT sold for 22.9 ETH (roughly $37,600 at the time of sale), enough to pay over 13 elementary school teachers in Israel.

Recognizing the power of Web3, Gabi Klaf, the authoring educator, said: “I’ve been teaching ESL passionately for over 30 years. I thought that discovering TinyTap’s interactive game platform was my biggest teaching breakthrough, but now I see that the Publisher NFT is my real breakthrough.”

About Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands, the Deloitte Tech Fast award winner, has interests in the open metaverse and the digital property rights space. The firm’s growing portfolio comprises over 380 Web3 investments, including Colossal, OpenSea, Harmony, Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs (NBA Top Shot), Axie Infinity, Yield Guild Games, and Star Atlas, to mention a few.


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