To choose a water purifier and say its the best depends on various factors, especially for Indian households where a lot depends on the water quality.

There’s no point to be a brand-specific buyer since a particular brand doesn’t manufacture all of its components. Several components get exported from different sources.

Aquaguard vs Dr Aquaguard

Hence, even your local supplier can provide you with the best quality purifier if the essential components are included.

I have got several email queries requesting to differentiate between aquasure and aquaguard. Most of our users are aware that these products are manufactured by one of the reputed brands that is Eureka Forbes.

But there are still a few differences that actually have a significant impact on your buying journey.

So, below I’ll share the complete difference & similarities of features, technologies, price, reviews and reliability between Aquaguard vs Dr Aquaguard vs Aquasure.

The article will also help you choose the best water purifier for your home. So, without taking much time, let’s quickly jump right in!

Overview – Which one should you opt for?

These three models are undoubtedly one of the best products in the market. And after hours of comprehensive research based on various parameters, I found that this specific model of Aquaguard is the most reliable and certainly a value for your money.

The model comes with a great capacity of 6 Litres which is a perfect fit for a medium-sized family. If you are a family of around five members, it is undoubtedly the ideal one for you.

It uses the most reliable technologies that are RO + UV + UF to purify the water. Additionally, it automatically senses the type of water and its TDS level, and with that, it applies the relevant purification technology. The taste guard feature helps you provide healthy and tasty drinking water.

At the same time, if you have planned a certain amount and do not want to compromise with the quality as well, then this specific model of Aquasure on Amazon would be most suitable. The models that I have discussed in this overview is to save your valuable time and to make sure you invest in the right product.

Difference between Aquaguard, Dr Aquaguard & Aquasure

Difference between Aquaguard, Dr Aquaguard & Aquasure

To be precise, Aquasure Smart + & Dr Aquaguard Genius + are the most selling products in the market currently.

There’s a pretty simple difference between all these products while a couple of them are somewhat similar.

So, both the products are manufactured by Eureka Forbes. The only difference is Aquaguard is priced slightly on the higher side, and Aquasure is available in an economical range.

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Current Market for Both the Products

Aquasure, with its budget-friendly price, is trending in the market nowadays. The ultimate goal of this model is to ensure that every household should be able to get purified and clean drinking water.

That said, they have evolved a lot all this while. Aquasure is now available with new technologies, features and designs, and because of the advancement, it has become prevalent in the market.

Aquaguard Marvel
Aquaguard Marvel

We all know that spending on a water purifier is a crucial investment because at the end of the day it is all about health. Given the fact, not everyone can afford to go ahead with significant investments.

That said, Aquasure is available at the best affordable price and premium features. You can certainly trust the product and the brand as well.


Aquaguard Marvel Water Purifier
Aquaguard Marvel Water Purifier

Let’s now proceed to the detailed comparison of Aquasure and Dr Aquaguard.

Detailed Comparison of Aquaguard vs Dr Aquaguard vs Aquasure

Water Type Compatibility

First, the aquasure smart plus is perfectly compatible to deal with hard water, whether it is ground, surface, borewell or hard. It uses the RO, UV and MTDS purification technology that ensures the water you receive is tasty and healthy. Additionally, the TDS control adds back those healthy minerals that get eliminated during the RO purification process.

Aquasure Smart Plus
Aquasure Smart Plus

Similarly, Aquaguard genius uses the same purification technology. It identifies the TDS level and hard water type and applies the appropriate purification technology. It has a robust quality that is perfectly compatible with dealing with even the highest of water TDS levels.

Now, Dr Aquaguard is an advanced version. It uses the typical RO, UV & UF technology that ensures even the smallest of dissolved impurities gets eliminated during the purification. This process makes it suitable for dealing with the surface, ground or mixed hard water.

Aquasure Smart Plus Water Purifier
Aquasure Smart Plus Water Purifier

Purification Technology

As we discussed, Aquasure is available at reasonable prices and at the same time, they don’t compromise with the quality as well. That said, they use a six-stage multi purification technology that ensures the water delivered is entirely pure and safe. Let’s discuss the six-stage technology in depth.

  • At first, the large impurities and chemicals get eliminated.
  • Then it gets rid of organic contaminants and lousy odour.
  • Third, the electronic membrane eliminates the chemicals.
  • Then the RO membrane removes heavy impurities and softens the water.
  • Now, the TDS control adds back those essential minerals that get eliminated during RO purification.
  • At last, it filters the water to remove the remaining chemicals and dissolved particles.

Dr Aquaguard and genius, on the other hand, has inbuilt G tech sensors. These sensors are so advanced that they understand the water type and source and implement the purification technology accordingly. Either way, the water gets purified using a multi-stage purification process. These products have unique Taste Guard technology that helps in delivering the natural taste even in the purified water.

Dr Aquaguard
Dr Aquaguard

Capacity, Productivity and Warranty Factors

The Aquasure smart plus has an overall capacity of 6 Litres; however, it is capable of delivering 10 Litres purified water per hour. At the same time, the genius has a storage tank of 7 Litres and delivers up to 15 Litres purified water per hour. Lastly, Dr Aquaguard genius + has a storage capacity of 6 Litres, and it provides 15 Litres purified water an hour.

Dr Aquaguard Genius Plus
Dr Aquaguard Genius Plus

All three model comes with a comprehensive one year warranty (T&C apply)

Now, I’ll present a table with a detailed overview of all these models and their features…

About The Brands

Eureka Forbes had the vision to create a healthy and safe living for their customers. It was 1984 when they introduced water purification systems.

Over a while, they have developed multiple advanced technologies: vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and many other helpful appliances.

In 1984, the water purification system wasn’t that popular, and even people barely knew the need for purifier water.

And then they launched Aquaguard in the 1980s wherein they felt the importance of letting people educate regarding the water purification importance.

They tried various strategies, including promotions. However, the most beneficial was when they directly approached households explaining the process of Aquaguard and how it helps.

And this approach worked tremendously; people slowly and steadily started to realize the importance of healthy and pure drinking water.

Just after a decade, Aquaguard became extremely popular and was a part of almost every household. As time progressed, they brought the advancement in the Aquaguard purifier with advanced stage purification including RO, UV & UF.

That said, the appliance started to be functional through electricity and naturally because of the investment in the product; it used to be slightly on the higher side of the price.

How did Aquasure come into the business?

As we discussed Aquaguard used to be on the higher side earlier so not every household could afford to get a high-end product.

That is why, Eureka Forbes launched Aquasure, the sole purpose of launching this model was to ensure that even the middle-class family can afford to drink clean and purified water as it was available at a lesser price.

Now the version of Aquasure was non-electronic earlier, and it used to be like a standard dispenser, but the purification was still the same. However, they then realized that there is a significant scope of getting this product turned into electricity while affordability remains at its best for better efficiency & advancement.

Wrapping it up 

With the festive season around the way, my users are still requesting to get deep on purification technology instead of home appliances.

And this is much appreciated; after all, my ultimate goal is to educate as many people as possible so that everyone can lead a healthy lifestyle.

That said, I hope this guide of Aquaguard vs Dr Aquaguard vs Aquasure helped you understand the difference and similarities.

Now, I’d love to hear back from you, in case of any doubts or queries, feel free to mention in the comment section below. I’ll make sure to respond as soon as possible.

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