Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Billium, Dubai-based Exchange, Announced a New, State-of-the-Art Platform Incorporating A Copy Trading Function




Dubai, UAE / JULY 14, 2022 – Billium, a new generation cryptocurrency exchange situated in Dubai, has officially announced the debut of its platform. The initiation of such a platform will allow crypto traders to carry out a variety of decentralized transactions more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Furthermore, the protocol has included a unique update known as the copy trading function. Since novices profit from professionals who are far more likely to participate in flourishing trades, the revolutionary ‘Billium Copy Trading‘ service is best characterized as a mutually beneficial product offering for all involved parties. The Billium platform is still under Beta testing, but multiple sources suggest that it is nearly done and, when finished, will supposedly give an unparalleled experience for anybody who utilizes it.

By providing spot and margin trading solutions, Billium aspires to become a primary factor in the improvement of copy trading along with digital trading, in particular, inside the UAE and abroad. As a consequence of this, Billium’s new platform unites traders of all types, whether they are fresh to the sector or experienced members, and as a result, it creates a platform where everyone has an equal opportunity to be successful.

Rookie traders will get complete access to the transactions, data, records, and tactics used by professionals, and they will be able to copy the expert’s trading as if it were their own in real-time. Because the exchange was built with strong algorithms, trading orders can be executed extremely quickly. This guarantees that the copy traders get all information shared by the experts they follow.

Billium is now undergoing intensive development, and the business has disclosed that ‘$BILT’ token along with mobile apps for Android and iOS-compatible devices are also in the works. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether are among the most prominent cryptocurrencies offered for trading by Billium (USDT).




In light of this, the major characteristics of Billium will encompass copy trading features, a liquidity aggregation site, a highly sophisticated API for trading robots and advanced algorithms, reliable order execution, a highly liquid order book, the finest privacy and protection features, an intuitive and user-friendly user interface, and high-frequency trading and scalping techniques. Future objectives will include releasing $BILT, attaining 100,000 members in Russia and Turkey, and ultimately acquiring a license in Europe.

The manner in which Billium manages flagged orders is another way in which it stands apart from the competition. Instead of placing flagged money in a frozen state on its platform and making it unavailable to users, Billium returns the cash to the person who sent it. In this way, the account from which the money was first withdrawn will retain access to them.

About Billium 

Billium is a cryptocurrency trading platform headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is actively preparing for the approaching Web3 age, and this platform is just one of several new projects being introduced in the nation to prepare for it.  As a result of the company’s stringent oversight, the risk that customers’ transactions may be halted as a result of sociopolitical events has supposedly been greatly minimized.

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