Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Cardalonia Releases Metaverse Map Demo, Prepares For Exchange Listing As 70% Of Lonia Token Presale Allocation Gets Filled




Cardalonia, a play to earn medieval-themed Metaverse project built on the Cardano blockchain, has released the initial demo of their metaverse map ahead of their Cardalonia Land Presale.

$LONIA Token

$LONIA token holders who have whitelisted in the land sale can be able to build their custom experiences when launched.

The $LONIA token presale is still ongoing, and over 70% of the presale allocation has been filled with less than five days to go.

You can join in the Presale and acquire $LONIA tokens at a discount before exchange listing.

Join The $LONIA Token Presale here or click the link below.





The presale will be followed by an IEO and subsequent launch on an exchange where $LONIA token can be bought and sold.

The token launch will be followed by an ISPO and DEX listing, slated to happen around Q4 2022.

Cardalonia Partnerships

The Estonia-based Cardano metaverse startup has partnered with multiple other projects like readyplayer.me, which would enable $LONIA token holders to create a custom avatar and deploy it on the Cardalonia metaverse.

According to the project’s tokenomics, the LONIA token has a total supply of 100 Million, with half of the total supply going to the public in several funding rounds.

Cardalonia is one of the first metaverse projects on Cardano to build a non-custodial staking vault where you can stake and earn rewards of up to 20% APY without your tokens ever leaving your wallet.

How To Buy $LONIA

You can purchase a $LONIA token by visiting the presale link here https://cardalonia.io/buy/.

1 ADA = 12 $LONIA Tokens

Sales duration = 45 Days

Pre-Sale Allocation: 15,000,000 $LONIA Tokens

Minimum buy: 250 ADA

Assets In Cardalonia Ecosystem

Cardalonia will use multiple types of Cardano native tokens and CNFTs to ensure the scarcity of Uniqueness of each asset.

$Lonia Token: A cardano native token that will be used within the Cardalonia ecosystem as the basis of all transactions

Cardalonia Land: Parcels of Land (Real Estate) in the Cardalonia metaverse that has long been forgotten. Avatars can purchase land, create unique assets and populate their land with it.

Cardalonia Assets: Are User-generated content (UGC) using the single asset Policy ID and can be traded in the marketplace.

How Can Creators Make Revenue

Creators can make revenue by building Game Assets, importing them on the Cardalonia Marketplace and sell as NFTs.

Land Ownership: Buy Land In One Of Our Land Drops, design and populate them with your NFTs to increase its Value.

Keep Up With Cardalonia

Website: https://cardalonia.io/buy/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cardalonia

Telegram: https://t.me/cardalonia

Discord: https://discord.gg/YChadw7fVD

Join Pre-Sale: https://cardalonia.io/buy/

Blog: https://cardalonia.medium.com/

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