Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

CoinX Debuts IDO Session On P2PB2B Exchange




The IDO session for CoinX has already started on the P2PB2B exchange. From August 22 to September 17, tokens are available for claim.

The public can buy tokens from cryptocurrency projects through the IDO (Initial DEX Offering). Early investors can purchase many tokens at a reduced price and then resell them once the IDO launches at a higher price.

What Is CoinX

The project provides encrypted, interconnected, and same-interface applications that are used daily in daily life. They are all based on their blockchain and currency. CNX Network wants to become the world’s most popular decentralised blockchain system by offering user-friendly applications and building a global community.

With the CNX-Network, users can access and use cryptocurrency anywhere, anytime, regardless of location. It is crucial to note that CNXNetwork will be easy to use and accessible to all its customers, which sets it apart from its competitors. An easy-to-use environment and multiple platforms will make managing accounts and revenues easy for users.

CNX-Network makes payments faster, better, and more reliable. Only the users of CNX cryptocurrency can fully realize the potential of CNX-Network, as they will ultimately be in charge and determine its future. CNX-Network will be able to compete with future brands and race past all crypto predecessors. Due to its focus on people and sustainable technology, CNX-Network will likely become a popular and widely used payment system.




Conditions and requirements for IDO

  1. The pre-sale price is 0.01 USDT;
  2. 100 USDT is the minimum contribution;
  3. The maximum contribution is 5000 USDT;
  4. The hard cap is 300000 USDT.

How to join IDO?

  • Set up your wallet;
  • To use the whitelist, click “Whitelist” at the top of the page. Whitelist specifications are different for each IDO and are decided by the project team. The lottery will be used to choose the winners.

Other questions about the IDO project can be found here,

Join the IDO session for CoinX! Just connect your wallet and apply to whitelist through the “Whitelist” button at the top of the project page.

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