Can Oryen sustain its recent surge during the presale?




As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, so the same has happened to early holders of ORY.

Oryen network deploys an innovative staking technology known as Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT), a vital feature of its success. OAT ensures that ORY token holders qualify for dividends daily.

Moreover, holders of ORY receive fully automated yield payouts, and the entire process occurs within the owner’s wallet and without locking the assets, as traditional staking requires investors to.

Uniquely, OAT ensures 0.177% returns daily, compounded to 90% APY, while tokens automatically begin to earn rewards as soon as they are purchased.


The developers of Cosmos created it to execute the concept of the internet of blockchains, which has the potential to transform how we currently use blockchain technology entirely. It utilizes parallel blockchains and builds an entire ecosystem of blockchains with ATOM, the native currency, at the center.





Optimism is an Ethereum-based layer-2 blockchain and is still a newer project in decentralized finance; thus, investors are terming OP as speculative. Furthermore, during the bear market, the token underwent a significant sell-off due to the diminished advantages over Ethereum after the Merge.

Aptos (APT)

On its layer-1 protocol, Aptos seeks to provide the safest production and blockchain development ecosystem. It already has considerable promise and might emerge as a standout star during the upcoming bull run.

However, experts believe it does not match Oryen’s potential, making it a less preferable choice to a competitor that has soared by 200% in the ongoing presale.

Big Eyes (BIG)

Oryen is on track to outperform Big Eyes, a meme coin that uses NFTs and operates on the Ethereum network. The founders of this platform are passionate about education and reducing greenhouse emissions. As a result, it donates 5% of its token supply to charitable organizations supporting wildlife sanctuaries.

The Bottom Line

Crypto adherents across the crypto market have high speculation on the Oryen token because it has outperformed its competitors, including but not limited to Cosmos, Optimism, Aptos, and Big Eyes, by a big margin. Already this is happening as Oryen sets new records of a 200% price increase during the fifth phase of its ICO

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