Interview With Hussein Karaki - Seaside Club: Shipping Lane to Success




Recently Hussein Karaki gave an interview about Seaside Club, its origins, and its main benefits. As more information about the project appears in the Club’s community grows, they become more interested in the project and its perspectives.

About the project

Seaside Club is a global holding aiming to create a new business model where traditional spheres (real estate, gold, diamond, lithium, copper mining, agriculture production, apparel retail) and innovative technologies work together, merging into 1 perfect ecosystem.

My idea of combining investment strategy with high-profit industries and developing new technologies needed proper realization. So it was decided to create Seaside Club as a corporate structure consisting of 2 main parts’, the Founder says.

Now Seaside Holding consists of:

  • Seaside traditional businesses  (as mentioned above)
  • Seaside Club   which includes the following projects: 
  1. NFT Marketplace
  2. Seaside platform
  3. Community network
  4. Learn-to-earn app 
  5. Metaverse
  6. Crypto Hunters Show

About the features & advantages

The well-thought-out structure is not the only benefit. ‘Our economics involves using profits from investments in high-profit traditional industries to ensure the income of the Seaside Club Technology participants. Thus, no matter how volatile the crypto market is, the club members always have guaranteed stable income.’




All in all, the Coin of the project, packed into the company’s ecosystem, gives people a guarantee of 30% of annual earnings.

The company is planning to provide 140 MLN coins  – that’s how much we’re going to provide min for 0,15 cents – 0,6 cents when entering the Exchange. This means the guaranteed X4 profit’, Mr. Karaki states.  

And it’s just the beginning. The main goal of the Seaside Club is to let people increase their earnings using WEB3 technologies. The more people are involved in the ecosystem; the more new projects and profits Seaside Club will generate.

About the investments & marketing

Currently, the company has invested $1mln into the marketing campaign and the development of the ecosystem in general. 

The two main items of expenditure are:

  1. Crypto Hunters Show (budget $10 MLN).

This project has two objectives. The first one is to spread the word about the blockchain sphere and NFT in particular. The second one is to promote Seaside Club and enlarge the community.

Crypto Hunters show features the Seaside Club and will be used as the main tool for brand promotion. The unique views are estimated to be no less than 1 billion!

The show has already caused a stir. Such giants as Netflix and Amazon offered co-production at the current pre-production stage. However, Seaside Holding decided to fund the show production entirely to retain full control over the IP and the contents.

Crypto Hunters is already one of the main tools of the Seaside Club promo campaign. Its educative and marketing role is another unique combination developed by the team of the company.

  1.  Collaboration with Majinx Agency (quarterly budget $300K).

To enhance the effect of the TV show launch, the company has started a collaboration with Majinx, the leading crypto marketing agency. 

The team of the project is delivering fundraising & marketing support.

The company is planning to double the expenditures on the marketing campaign when the TV show is already launched. The next Phases will take both effort and investment.

There are lots of activities to be supported financially, including:

  • Further support of the growing community on social media.
  • Financing of the top-notch Crypto Hunters team (there are already following seasons to be planned).
  • Learn2Earn Beta release (an app that will contain a live-feed newspaper with topic articles and reviews from various business and technological areas).
  • Charitable project by Seaside Help Announcement.
  • Release of ownership NFTs for Real Estate, Diamond, Gold, Copper, and Lithium mining.
  • Investments in community business ideas gathered from the Community Learn2Earn app.

About the team

The founder of Seaside Club is Hussein Karaki, a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience managing a leading German real estate company.

In 2014 he decided to go into the tech business and crypto space, as he always supported innovative industries and the merger of traditional and new spheres in particular.

Hussein Karaki challenged himself to create a breakthrough scheme for implementing classic business templates into the blockchain sphere. 

He decided to build the safest and most trustful ecosystem with guaranteed projects. To do so, he uses profits from investments in high-profit traditional industries.

My traditional business supports the blockchain one, and it’s a perfect merge. I always believed in the concept of the middle ground, where you build a future paying tribute to the tenants of the past. That’s how Seaside Club was created’, Hussein Karaki says. 

At the moment, the Seaside Club team is a merger of its team and the members of the Majinx agency, who are perfectly integrated within the project. The ecosystem is now being built by UX/UI designers, community managers, copywriters, developers, PR managers, and brand strategists. Seaside Club has a lot of plans and subprojects to be developed soon, so the staff is constantly expanding.

On Seaside Club’s future plans 

Now the company focuses on Phase I of its development, which includes Crypto Hunters NFT release, Introduction to Seaside Coin, Learn2Earn Beta release, and Seaside Coin Seed Sale. We have lots of work ahead, but it motivates us a lot’, the Seaside Club founder claims.

This introductory phase demands 200% time of the team, but it’s just the beginning. After the word is spread, the company is planning Private and Public Sale rounds, further promo of its native coin, and the Crypto Hunters worldwide announcement. The TV show launch will be the turning point in the project’s history that will enlarge the community and contribute to blockchain mass adoption.

I’m not going to focus solely on TV shows or investments. There’s something much bigger in this story. After we’re scaled for Phase III, I’m going to cooperate with our community, investing in their top-notch ideas and creating opportunities for people in need through Seaside Help charitable projects’, Hussein Karaki says. 

Now that the project is only gaining momentum, it’s the right time to pay attention and join.

Check out the project’s social media: Discord, Twitter, and Telegram or learn more about the project here.


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