KundaComics Brings Comic Art To Web 3.0 With Paint-To-Earn




KundaComics, a publishing platform, is bringing comic art to Web 3.0, uniting the world of comic art to blockchain and the metaverse. 

KundaComics introduces the “Paint-to-earn” concept to cartoonists, providing them with a new way of publishing their work and getting paid in cryptocurrencies. KundaComics hopes to give artists a place to get exposure for their works free from the increasing crises in the traditional publishing market. The project’s unique approach has already attracted the attention of many talented emerging Italian comic artists.

At the project’s core is Kunda Token, the native token in the KundaComics ecosystem. KundaComics takes a P2B approach allowing the artist to earn the cryptocurrency for the assignment of a non-exclusive right to use the work.

The Kunda token is developed on the BEP20 (BNB Smart Chain). The token will see its launchpad on December 1 on the P2B International exchange that will be held in two Presale rounds. The first round runs from December 1 to December 5, while the second round will follow from December 6 to December 13.

A third sale round for the DeFi community on PinkSale will be sponsored by major influencers in the industry, including CeasarCalls. The PinkSale round will run from December 9 to December 13. The launch will be on December 14, with the Kunda token listed on P2B Exchange and PancakeSwap.




Kunda token will be used as a governance tool allowing holders to participate in crucial decision-making processes within the ecosystem. The token will also serve other utilities, including powering the Paint-to-earn system that rewards cartoonists who publish on the platform. The token will also be a gift mechanism for supporters, influencers, cosplay, events, and charitable works.

In addition, the token will be used to acquire rights to manage international webtoons, fund the trading of emerging artists, and develop the gaming industry. Kunda token will also play a fundamental role in developing the KundaComics metaverse, Kundauniverse.

In the coming days, the KundaComics team plan to launch the NFT Kundacomics Earn collection, based on comic logic and feature characters and superheroes from the Kundauniverse. This collection will be published periodically, with NFT holders and collectors receiving periodic staking in Kunda tokens. The NFT collection will be presented and listed on OpenSea and other major NFT platforms.

The team will also create a magazine for the ecosystem. This will be the first magazine to cover articles, insights, serialized stories, and stripes on manga, webtoons, blockchain, and the metaverse.

Links :

Website: https://kundacomics.com

Buy KundaToken: https://p2pb2b.com/token-sale/KUNDA-478/

KundaToken Group: https://t.me/KundaToken

Social: https://twitter.com/kundacomics?s=21&t=lGeHD6qHS1FwUnZUyuyFqg

Social: https://instagram.com/kundacomics?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


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