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Every one of our travel consultants shares one thing: a passion for exploring the world. Learn how our experts fell in love with travel…

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Love Of Travel: Stories From Our Experts

That first whiff of the sea. A fleeting memory. Summer vacations at a favorite grandmother’s place. A faded picture from an old, dusty photo album. There are so many little things that can inspire wanderlust.

At Enchanting Travels, we live and breathe travel. It’s a way of life for our passionate travel consultants, who are committed to curating unforgettable journeys for you. We spoke to some of our travel consultants about their love for travel and how it all began. From backpacking across Western Europe and making new friends in a strange city to crashing a scooter and savoring simit in Turkey, our travel consultants open up about their first and most memorable journeys…

“It’s OK to get uncomfortable when traveling sometimes. It can open up new experiences you didn’t even know you were looking for.”

Elizabeth Downey

Elizabeth DowneyTravel Consultant

“I’ve fallen in love with travel repeatedly, in big and small ways, whether it is discovering new corners on my walks around my own neighborhood or immersing myself in a new city or country. I realized my most memorable moments are the small ones – watching people move around me, going about their daily routine. When my partner and I went to Turkey some years ago, we took a month off and stayed in different neighborhoods. We did the things we would do at home, go to the market and cook, go to a movie, wander around aimlessly, find our favorite spot to eat or drink and frequent the same places. We got to experience the warmth of Fethiye on the southern coast, where we crashed our scooter and got the staff at the hotel to upgrade us to a suite with a hot tub so I could ease my puncture wound. Then we hiked through some small villages, had dinner with a sweet family that owned the only market in town, and went camping. The best memories involve watching the kids playing in the streets, the setup and breakdown of the largest market I’ve ever seen from our window, the older folks ordering their bread, the guy selling fish at his stand, and so on. Give me a simit and an old church turned mosque to walk around in and I’m a happy clam.” -Elizabeth

“Don’t be afraid to travel alone; sometimes, the best experiences are the ones you have with yourself.”

Kris McKenna

Kris McKennaTravel Consultant

“I fell in love with travel the first time I backpacked solo in Europe. I landed at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam knowing no Dutch so I took a bus to the city centre and then walked 6 km to the hostel. When I finally arrived, I was nervous about what I would do by myself but I was greeted by the friendliest group of people, who turned out to be the hostel staff on break. I was given the grand tour of Amsterdam by the local workers and I made some amazing friendships along the way. I continued around Europe but before my return home, I had to pay my new friends one last visit. They woke me up at 3am on my last day to drive out to the beach in Zandvoort and watch the waves crash against the shore until sunrise. Even though I wasn’t happy about the wake up call, it’s a memory I’ll cherish forever!” -Kris

“Always be flexible and adaptable with your plans. You never know what amazing opportunities will come your way if you are open to the possibilities!”

Sarah Beecher

Sarah BeechlerTravel Consultant

“I fell in love with travel when I was gifted a school trip to Greece for my high school graduation gift. Ever since then, I have planned my life around experiences near and far. My best travel experiences have been while traveling solo, when I can get outside of my comfort zone and connect with the deepest parts of myself. Being in nature is where I feel then most content and I tend to travel to places with a lot of wild, natural beauty. I also love that travel connects people – I’m still friends with most of the amazing people I’ve met on my travels over the years. My favorite travel experience was when I took a year long sabbatical to live, work and travel throughout New Zealand. Part of the year was spent road tripping in my Subaru Forester, where every day was a new and exciting adventure! With COVID-19, I have learned how to find wonder in our backyard and I am grateful that I can drive to the mountains to hike, climb, ski and explore. I used to think traveling only meant exploring faraway places, but the last couple of years have taught me that the world is a magical place, and there’s so much to discover closer to home as well.” -Sarah

“There is always something that doesn’t go as planned. Embrace it – that’s when the traveling begins!”

Enchanting Travels - Katie Sturges - Travel Consultant

Katie SturgesTravel Consultant

“I was 16 when my dad took me to Mexico with him for a work trip. That triggered my love for travel. That’s where it all started for me. Later, I studied abroad in Buenos Aires for a semester during my junior year of college. My love for solo travel occurred right after getting to Costa Rica with a friend. He unexpectedly had to return home and we didn’t have a plan to begin with, so all of a sudden I was just winging it! This sounds bad but I am so glad he left or I may have never understood how freeing, challenging and amazing traveling by yourself in a foreign place is. I met so many wonderful people and for the first time, really had to go out of my comfort zone to talk to strangers or risk dying of boredom. This trip helped define me as a person and definitely sparked a love for exploring this world on my own.” -Katie

“At least once in your life, travel solo. It is a liberating feeling.”

“I got an opportunity to spend one semester in a university in Athens as an exchange student. As a 23 year old, my mind was blown because the world had opened itself to me and I was excited to experience new food, new places and new cultures. I remember celebrating one of my best birthdays with other exchange students and we must have danced to songs from 10 different languages. And then after the semester ended, I backpacked across Western Europe staying in hostels, sleeping in trains to save money, eating only bread and Nutella for lunch, and it was all worth it. Since then there has been no looking back. What I love the most about traveling is meeting people from different cultures and learning about their lives.” -Akshay

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