Meet “The Blockchain Evangelist” and Co-Founder of REV3AL Mo Kumarsi




Blockchain technology continues to grow in popularity, with different industries like music, automotive, banking, insurance, telecommunication, and media and entertainment adopting it. This trend has been linked to the numerous benefits of blockchain technology. Blockchain is decentralized, fast, efficient, and transparent. It is also cost-effective; blockchain doesn’t have third parties reducing transaction and other overhead costs. But it is impossible to talk about the disruption of blockchain and its increasing popularity without mentioning the blockchain evangelist Mo Kumarsi.

Mo has been an advisor in the blockchain and crypto space for the last 10+ years. He has advised several disruptive technological innovators, including PowerLedger and Coinpayments. His work in the industry has earned him the nickname “The Blockchain Evangelist.”

Mo is also a coach, speaker, and co-founder and CEO of REV3AL, a security technology company in the web3 space providing new & dynamic security solutions to protect creators, artists and users. REV3AL offers multi-layer security solutions for detecting counterfeit digital media such as NTFs. REV3AL caters to creators, marketplaces, intellectual owners, and collectors.

Mo is leveraging his diverse background and skills to redefine the Web3 space, making it secure and better. He also uses his experience and network to help companies scale and find strategic partners. Mo is one of the pioneers of crypto and blockchain and started his journey in the field when the industry was still young.

Mo came from Iran when he was 11 years old, and to survive in a new country, he got a job as a dishwasher. Mo worked his way up to washing and selling cars. He even started his own cleaning business. Mo has done advertising, business marketing, and more before he found crypto and blockchain.




Mo invested in research, and he was able to find his footing in the crypto world. He has built some large sales organizations and developed some incredible leaders in the space. Mo has helped many people change their lives and finances through sales and crypto as he shows young entrepreneurs that it is possible to build successful ventures from the ground up.

When he moved from his home country, Mo didn’t have anything. But he didn’t give up. He started building his wealth from zero and reached the top through hard work and determination.

“No matter how hard the job was, we always got it done. It was either win or die trying. I did that by focusing on cultivating the best team and studying the market trends,” says Mo.

His advice to young people is to not give up on their dreams. “It can be hard to build a solid brand when you don’t know where to start or have anyone to support and encourage you,” says Mo. However, giving up on your goal isn’t the solution. Rather than worrying about what others will say, Mo Kumarsi recommends focusing on yourself and your goals, as this will help you get to the next chapter.


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