Metacade Token Presale Launched - Project Set to Revolutionize the Metaverse Industry




Metacade, a new project with grand plans to revolutionise the GameFi and Metaverse space, has today announced the launch of their hotly anticipated MCADE token presale.

Their project has been hotly discussed on social media and industry sites for the past several weeks, and with their supercharged beta presale now on, we explore whether it has serious potential to revolutionize the metaverse gaming industry as stated.

Metacade is being catapulted to the top as a phenomenal Web3 community arcade: a space in the metaverse where passionate gamers can hang out, chat, and play exclusive P2E games with each other.

The project’s utility token is MCADE. Community members can officially earn it by engaging with users on the platform in authentic ways – writing compelling P2E game reviews, posting leading alpha or adding new games to the list, for instance. They’ll be able to use their hard-earned MCADE tokens to either withdraw into cash, enter thrilling community events – exclusive gaming tournaments, jackpot prize drawings, or even backing the platform directly via its passive staking options.

Metacade is designed to be a community-first Web3 gaming hub that rewards its community members for driving their product offering instead of pouring wealth back into faceless venture capitalists and profit-driven companies.




There are many established P2E projects already, and it’s true that if Metacade wants to rise up the ranks and triumph, it has to do things better – meticulously and in a transformative way. We have explored how they are approaching this.

Many Games, One Place

Metaverse industry projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox are worth billions of dollars. But their struggles are bonded to their weakest aspect – they’re built around one, solitary game experience. In limiting the potential pool of interested gamers who might want to engage with the projects, or offering an extremely restricted set of interactions, they leave behind untapped, hungry masses in their wake.

Metacade is radically different, seeking to scoop up this waiting audience. Their vision of creating a remarkable space where the best and brightest P2E games can be played instead of just one adds extraordinary potential value to the platform. Increasing the scope of potential players who may be interested in Metacade is a surefire method to keep dramatic momentum up across the project as it forges ahead.

From an investment perspective, this also dramatically reduces the project’s risk. Rather than being reliant on a single game or title working to succeed, the project will have multiple in the works. It is similar to investing in Sony as a whole, rather than a single game. 

The team behind Metacade also has an exciting, community-centric vision. Their long-term strategy is to give over the complete authority of key roles within the project to proven community members once Metacade has become established and can sustain itself.

Perhaps even more importantly, the sale of Metacade’s token (MCADE) starts with community members – rewarding the most dedicated users – rather than venture capitalists. That makes this one of the few projects within the metaverse industry that allows the community to get in on the ground floor from day one.

Professional Opportunities

Metacade is designed to be more than just a place to play P2E games. The founders also envision it as a global hub where premium employers and high-quality talent can meet and collaborate on inspirational games. From internships to lead developer positions, you’ll soon be able to find the hottest GameFi job opportunities on Metacade.


Aspiring P2E game developers will also be able to jumpstart their potential projects through Metagrants – a source of funding enabled through Metacade. These grants are a valuable form of MCADE tokens, with winners voted on and chosen by the community, providing developers with the vital support they need to bring the true vision of their games to life.

This also benefits the community by ensuring that gamers always have irresistible P2E opportunities to explore which they’re interested in – as opposed to useless, unwanted features they never wanted in the first place. It’s another example of how Metacade is relentlessly committed to doing things differently.

Luckily, it’s in Beta presale right now – and you can pick up a tantalizing deal, 125 MCADE tokens at 1USDT. It won’t last forever though – there are 9 stages in total for the presale, with the amount of MCADE you can purchase dropping dramatically as each stage ticks by – with only 50 MCADE per 1 USDT in the final stage.

It’s impossible to predict the future, but what we can confidently say is that Metacade is an incredible P2E project that’s doing things radically differently. It’s turbocharging through crypto channels just now, and if it can maintain its powerful community growth and cement its influence as a Web3 GameFi development hub, it has everything it needs to grow into a breathtaking project.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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