Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Noft Games Announce Blitz Battle Mode Intended at Increasing the Accessibility of Blockchain Gaming for Masses




Noft Games, a GameFi project powered by Binance Smart Chain, has revealed they are adding a new Blitz battle mode with a free-to-play feature to its game, aimed at eliminating the barrier to entry. The announcement comes shortly after reports on enabling multi-currency minting, upon which an in-game NFT minting using multiple BSC chain cryptocurrencies was introduced. The team is now commencing to expand the Noft Games world by adding more gaming modes.

Noft Games stay true to its roadmap and actively adds to the game. The new Blitz mode enables users barely having any expertise in crypto gaming to join off-chain battles without the need to buy playable NFT characters before joining but renting ones for free. Thus, the new mode is a must-watch for those many interested in blockchain gaming with zero investment. While this is a significant move for the project, it is necessary to note that it stands in line with the development team’s mission to show the public how gaming evolves with the power of blockchain.

That latest update creates an avenue for players to choose between various modes that now count to three, with the fourth coming soon: Ultimate, Events, Blitz, and Practice mode yet to come. Blitz mode is designed to become a core solution to an entry-barrier into play-to-earn gaming by letting users try out battles fee-free and earn experience points to upgrade the Noft character and then join on-chain games, Ultimate or Events, to claim grand BNB prizes. 

According to the project’s website, unlike rented Nofts, purchased characters give significant perks to players, such as higher earnings and faster upgrades. Blockchain gaming fans are welcome to mint the Noft using BNB, USDT, USDC, BUSD, or DOGE coin on the Noft Games website; or buy one on the ongoing sale with 70% off. The special offer is valid until August 31.   

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Noft Games is an NFT P2E deathmatch that caters to providing an enjoyable and profitable Web3 gaming experience. The game lore tells a story of Nofts, alien creatures stranded in outer space on a starship, bound to fight for their survival. Nofts are native characters of the game and tradable and collectible ERC-721 tokens. By now, the team has dropped six collections created in collaboration with various artists, in addition to the first classic collection of Nofts. The project is increasing its partnerships and planning to expand into the Nofts Metaverse in the long run.





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