Government boards in WA are among the least political in the country, according to new research that has found federal boards to be stacked with party-affiliated appointees.

More than likely Tavares’s decision was, in part, guided by American Politician and Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives, Nacy Pelosi. Pelosi recently visited Taiwan in what was seen as an incendiary and provocative visit by the Chinese. Independent and westernized Taiwan, once a part of China, has become a disputed no-go zone. Pelosi’s visit was a deliberate act of saber rattling. Taiwan is the center of the world’s computer chip manufacturing and global supply chain, it seems America would like to control this man-made resource.

Local governments are often reluctant to rezone commercial land to residential because businesses generate more property taxes than homes. And they oppose legislation that weakens their local control.

Get an in-depth look at how Rep Karen Bass is involved in the federal karen bass corruption case against former LA. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Dean of USC’s social work program Marilyn Flynn.