Santa Browser Announces Version 1 Launch Of Its Web3 Browser to Bring in the Next Generation of Web3 Users




Santa Browser, a web3 browser, has released version 1.0 today. The browser was designed for the new crypto world. Its developers claim that by making it easier for regular people to use blockchain technology, the browser will attract a new generation of internet users. Santa is committed to developing a “Trustable Technology Stack” so that internet users can feel secure in their connections despite the market’s extreme volatility. Santa Browser was released for the holiday season, allowing users to accumulate crypto rewards through ordinary web use easily.

“We believe that browsers need to evolve a lot more to keep up with the pace at which the internet is evolving,” said Alekh B, CEO of Santa Browser. “Our approach to Santa Browser is deeply influenced by the principles of web3 — Anti Monopoly, Transparency, Democracy, Data Privacy, Security & Fair Distribution Of Wealth.”

Santa Browser: Why?


The browser’s effort to reimagine the web begins with the interaction between users and advertising. Users can earn cryptocurrency rewards for their typical online activities with Santa’s Browse2Earn while still controlling their privacy (rewards include but are not limited to ad monetization, search monetization, discounted shopping, etc.).

Grounded in Privacy

Numerous privacy-protecting features are available in Santa Browser.




  • Ad blocker built-in to stop all intrusive ads.
  • To stop all online trackers and browser fingerprinting practices, use a tracker blocker.
  • Ungoogling is a browser that, despite being forked from Chrome, has been stripped of all Google trackers, host detectors (tools that reveal your IP address), and other privacy-harming features.
  • Additionally, Santa adds or modifies features that support control and transparency while disabling other built-in Chromium features that hinder them. This process is ongoing.
  • Only Acceptable Ads that adhere to the standards created especially for and by ad-filtering users and are non-intrusive are permitted to interact with you thanks to Santa’s partnership with Eyeo.

Defense-grade security

Veracode, a program that certifies a company’s secure software development procedures, has reviewed and tested the code of Santa Browser for vulnerabilities. Santa Browser’s established procedures for developing secure software are echoed by Veracode Secure code review certification.

Future Features

In the coming weeks, updates will gradually roll out a number of intriguing new features, including a free single-tab VPN, an engaging dApp store, and the browser’s very own decentralized “Santa Wallet” where users can conveniently collect their rewards.


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