SmarterWorx Trending In NFT Community - Shiba Inu and ApeCoin Holders Intrigued




The demand for NFTs has surged dramatically over the past two years, and artists have been the biggest beneficiaries.  Top corporations have shown interest in this space with the objective of supporting both content creators and their lovers. SmarterWorx is a blockchain-based art investment platform that brings together NFT enthusiasts, art lovers, and crypto fans. It is governed by a utility token ARTX, the value of which is supported by tangible art assets and their digital twins. Within a few days of its inception, SmarterWorx has aroused the curiosity of Shiba Inu and ApeCoin holders.

Infuse in Real World Art with SmarterWorx

Gone are the days when only the elite class had access to timeless art. With SmarterWorx, anyone can own a piece of creation by instilling in ARTX tokens. This crypto is backed by art portfolios purchased from talented artists. The collection is converted into high-appreciating NFTs and stored in a secure vault. This not only helps in creating a strong floor value for ARTX but also strengthens the treasury.

The platform will start with a small portfolio, and a portion of funds raised from the presale will be added to the treasury. Once the smart contract is launched, there will be taxes on each trade that will continuously add to the vault. Besides, hyper-deflationary tokenomics will ensure a constant reduction in supply by burning 1% of all tokens bought and sold on exchanges.

Any decision related to the acquisition and liquidation of NFTs will be taken through DAO governance. Each token holder has the right to decide on the project’s future through community engagement. A leading crypto security firm, Solidity Finance, has already audited the smart contract, which has triggered positive vibes in the NFT community.

Is it worth it?

In a market full of meme coins like Shiba Inu and ApeCoin, SmarterWorx stands out as a token of utility. The growing ecosystem will continue to expand use cases, and this may be the best time to get in early at a discounted presale price. By lowering the barrier of entry to fine art infusing, this innovative platform is destined to succeed in the long run.




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