Tafabot and Huobi Enter Strategic Partnership to Provide Automated Trades to Crypto Users




Leading cryptocurrency exchange company, Huobi, announced it has integrated with revolutionary Artificial Intelligence trading and portfolio management company, Tafabot. The partnership follows plans to allow crypto users to gain access to automated trades.

Tafabot had recently stormed the space in September 2022 as the world’s pioneer bot system enabled the combined futures, spot, and arbitrage markets. To extend its efficiency and foster favourable economic opportunities, the company revealed it is already closing a strategic partnership with one of the most prominent players in the industry.

The partnership will see Tafabot becoming the official broker partner of the renowned cryptocurrency trading platform, Huobi Global. Furthermore, the partners believe that their collaboration will be a strategic step towards improving the easy adoption of crypto and blockchain knowledge across communities worldwide.

While speaking on the new partnership, Samuel Benedict, the CTO of Tafabot expressed his faith in the potential of the new partnership as a measure to unlock rapid inclusion and economic opportunities for the crypto space. Benedict’s comment reads;

“We didn’t like the traditional trading methods that existed out there. People had to constantly be on screens all day just to trade. Of course, this has discouraged a lot of interested persons from really getting their hands on crypto. And yes, there are also some other bots that came before us, but just like the exchanges, their processes are complex and do not bring in any simplicity. This was part of what inspired us to build an easy to use, reliable software that both newbies and pros can enjoy. We did it in the background for 2 years and once the power of Tafabot  was realized, we opened it to profit everyone.”




It appears that Tafabot is on a mission to dive big into the crypto space as it has revealed plans for further cooperation with other cryptocurrency exchanges in the coming year.

Per the announcement, the Tafabot team believes this is one of the next big things in crypto; hence it has disclosed a record of 30 of the world’s most reputable exchanges already plugged into its algorithm. The company’s co-founders, Samuel Benedict and Dr OVO (Otubo Victor), unveiled this saying;

“Currently we are compatible with all major exchanges in the industry, however, this partnership offers more. Our users are easily identified by Houbi for exclusive benefits including reduction on trading fees and much more. We are in talks with some other exchanges that we are plugged into for similar partnerships and 2023 will be a big year for more announcements.”

Following its design, Tafabot is set to prevail in the crypto industry as the world’s fastest automated trading tool, with a bot speed of up to 5 seconds. With Tafabot, crypto enthusiasts can quickly dive into the world of crypto trading regardless of their expertise. Users have access to every tool they need at every level, all thanks to Tafabot’s automated systems.

Furthermore, the automated non-custodial trading bot also allows users to have all the control they need over their funds, any day and at any time. The platform features a mechanism that allows the capital and trade profits to always be in the user’s exchange and never with Tafabot.

To provide users with an exclusive automated trading experience, Tafabot provides users with numerous bots services which include, Martingale Bots, DCA Bots, Grid Bots, Custom Bot, SIB Bot, Arbitrage Bot, Mirror Trading Bot, Crypto Signal Bots, and many others.


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