Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Hottest New Meme Coin Tamadoge Reaches $2M During Presale




The Play-to-Earn games platform Tamadoge has raised $16 million as it moves closer to selling out earlier than expected.

The more than $16 million raised surpasses Ethereum’s initial coin offering, which ended in August 2014. According to market capitalization, Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency.

The $9.2 million that move-to-earn cryptocurrency STEPN was able to raise has also been easily surpassed by the presale for Tamadoge.

Given the current crypto winter, during which many digital assets have seen significant price declines, this most recent milestone achievement is all the more impressive.

A meme coin that opens a ground-breaking mass-market game
According to a recent report, venture capital investment in NFTs and gaming increased by 66% in August, indicating that the industry will be the first to bounce back from the price decline.




Tamadoge supports that opinion by demonstrating the persistently high demand from investors for high-quality projects that can show business models with the potential to break through as mass-market products, not just specialised cryptocurrency projects.

The Tamadoge Pet, raised from infancy (minting) to adulthood, is the focal point of the play-to-earn gaming platform being developed by Tamadoge. Players compete to move up the leaderboard by being the best parent or defeating other players’ pets in battles.

Tamadoge has partnered with Transak, offering it a fiat on-ramp, to make a statement about its pitch to catch the attention of casual gamers. Customers can purchase ETH directly from the Tamadoge website using their credit or debit card and then exchange it for TAMA.

Beta sale purchasers have already racked up a 200% paper return

The final stage of the token sale has begun. Each phase of the TAMA price increase saw a rise from 0.01 to 0.03 (1 USDT = 33.33 TAMA).

Early buyers who purchased the token during the beta sale on July 25 saw a 200% price increase.

Investors in the presale will have access to one billion TAMA tokens, or 50% of the total supply.

The TAMA token’s economy is deflationary, with a fixed supply and a 5% burning mechanism for purchases from the Tamadoge Petstore, in contrast to many other Play-to-Earn games. Players can purchase food, clothing, and other in-game items for their pets at the pet store.

A NFT is used to represent each Tamadoge pet, and each one has special characteristics.

Before the end of the year, a website-based 2D game will also launch, and a “Tamaverse” will be built where a 3D avatar of the pet will live and play. The game’s app will debut in 2023 and include an augmented reality viewer.

A P2E game arcade open to everyone

The gaming platform will have a P2E Arcade where players can choose various games.

Tamadoge was created with the dual goals of being enjoyable and rewarding. Players will be rewarded for their skill in the game rather than just for performing tedious and repetitive tasks, and the gameplay will be fascinating.

Dogepoints, which can be changed into TAMA tokens, are used to pay out rewards.

There won’t be any problems with trading TAMA immediately because the project has agreements with centralised exchanges even before the token sale is over.

The Tamadoge ecosystem is one of a new breed of meme tokens that offers genuine utility to its users, which is probably what appeals to investors the most.

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