Oryen surges over 100% during ICO event - potential to Overcome the success of Big Eyes and Tamadoge?




The crypto world’s top traders always focus on some of the most promising projects. Amidst the plethora out there and the bear market causing the weakest to be filtered out, that honour is now reserved for only a few projects. One such project is Tamadoge. The project is incredibly anticipated.

Tamadoge combines play to earn with NFTs, both areas of the crypto world that have seen impressive growth recently. Its native token is the TAMA token, the gateway to the Tamaverse. Within this metaverse, users can mint, breed, and battle their Tamadoge NFTs. As they battle and breed, a scoreboard is updated each month.

In the future, more opportunities will be added. For instance, there are plans to add AR and VR experiences for interacting with NFTs. One unique aspect of TAMA tokens as a meme coin is that the team behind it is known. Most other meme tokens opt to have an anonymous team whose origins are obscure. Its current team is well known, which puts more faith in it.

Another eagerly awaited project is the Big Eyes (BIG) project. It is also an NFT-based project with a vast online following. Thus far, it has raised millions of dollars in the presale stage. It is expected to surpass its initial goal of raising $20 million from investors. The project has long-term plans of becoming the leading meme coin project, bigger than Dogecoin.

Finally, traders have focused on the Solana project’s SOL coin. While SOL prices have collapsed due to the FTX debacle, the fundamentals of Solana are solid. Its code is sound and has a great developer team behind it. With time, most believe SOL prices will rise again. As such, they are mopping them up now as prices collapse.




Oryen Network is on the Radar

Many top traders know a good asset when they see one. As such, when many of them came across the ORY tokens, they could not wait to snap them up. Thus far, their activities have caused the price to rise by over 120%. At this rate, Oryen Network seems set to become one of the most practical crypto ecosystems in the world.

The considerable interest in ORY is not a fluke. On the contrary, the project offers some of the most impressive features of any DeFi project. Most notable is the fixed APY of 90%. At that rate, any trader would be interested in holding some of the ORY tokens.

Once the platform goes live, many top traders have correctly predicted that the price of ORY tokens will take off to the moon.


Oryen Network is proof that the crypto markets are rife with opportunities. As long as one looks in the right places, one can find an excellent opportunity. Everyone is welcome to be part of the ORY future.

For More Information:

Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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