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Through our partnership with Logos Scholarship Fund, a Kenya-based social justice initiative, we continue to support the education of children from disadvantaged backgrounds

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Travel for Good: Creating Change Through Education

Author: Harini Sriram

Mike aspires to become a civil engineer. A high school student in Nairobi, he lives with his four siblings and his mother, a casual laborer, who struggles to make ends meet. Thanks to Logos Scholarship Fund, Mike can get closer to pursuing his dream, while his mother can rest assured that at least one of her kids will have uninterrupted education.

Many young children like Mike, who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, have been able to continue their secondary education with financial support from Logos Scholarship Fund in Kenya. At Enchanting Travels, we believe that every child deserves a bright future. We’ve partnered with Logos to sponsor the education of scholars every year, and also provide internship opportunities to high school graduates and college students.

Travel for Good: Creating Change Through Education

Supporting Education in Kenya

We have been associated with Logos Scholarship Fund for more than six years now. If you’d like to help, our referral program, Friends For Friends, is one way of contributing to the cause. Every time a friend or family member books a trip with us based on your recommendation, we make a donation of $50 to Logos Scholarship Fund. The contribution will go towards school fees, materials and uniforms for the scholars. 

You can also speak to our travel experts about other ways in which you can support this initiative.

About Logos Scholarship Fund

Travel for Good: Creating Change Through Education

A social justice initiative of the Nairobi Chapel, Logos Scholarship Fund was established in 2007 to help students who were displaced as a result of widespread violence in the country after the 2007-08 elections. Many families had to live in camps around the city, and couldn’t afford to send their children to school. The scholarship fund ensured that the children are not deprived of a quality education.

Since its inception, Logos Scholarship Fund has sponsored more than 500 students in high schools, colleges and universities across Kenya. The fund covers a duration of ten years in the life of a student, all the way through high school and college. It goes beyond formal education to actively nurture the dreams of children and provide mentorship opportunities so they can turn their aspirations into reality and thrive in their chosen environment.

Giving Wings To Dreams

It fills us with hope and joy to play a small part in these children’s journeys as they set out to fulfill their aspirations. Some of our scholarship recipients include Stephen, a Form 4 student and an avid football player, who dreams of becoming a doctor. Despite a history of domestic violence, he is determined to create a better future for himself and his family. Naomi, a drama and music enthusiast, aspires to become an engineer and help her family tide through their financial troubles. Millicent, a hardworking Form 4 student, wants to be a pilot, while Winfred’s goal is to be a successful surgeon. In the past six months we have also provided school fees for these outstanding students:

Travel for Good: Creating Change Through Education

Alex Karuga is a 16-year-old Form 1 student. His father is a bus driver who is currently unemployed and his mother works casual jobs to provide for the family. A hardworking and disciplined young boy, he enjoys playing football. Alex aspires to be a pilot once he completes his education.

Travel for Good: Creating Change Through Education

Brenda Auma is the eldest of her three siblings, and she lives in Kiberia with her family. Her father is unwell and her mother runs a small scale business to meet household expenses. Brenda is the devotion leader secretary of her class and she loves playing hockey in the midfield position. Her goal is to become a lawyer so she can support her parents and ensure a better life for her siblings.

Travel for Good: Creating Change Through Education

Ivan Lugovane loves debating, football and handball and is part of his school’s teams. He is an independent thinker, open minded and has maintained good grades throughout his first year in high school. Ivan aspires to be a surgeon when he grows up, and support his mother Emmy who works as a street vendor.

Travel for Good: Creating Change Through Education

Mitchelle Njeri Wanjiru enjoys watching movies and playing volleyball. Her mother, a casual laborer, is unable to work due to an accident. Mitchelle dreams of becoming a successful pilot. Her mother is confident that Mitchelle is destined for greatness, and they’re both elated about her Logos scholarship that will help nurture her dreams.

These are just some of the many children who stand to benefit from our continued support. Do you want to know more about the initiative and contribute towards the fund?

Reach out to us if you’d like to make a donation or sponsor a child’s education through Logos Scholarship Fund. 

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