ULTRADE Introduces New Whitelabel Full Trading Suite, Unveils $2.4M Seed Round




ULTRADE is earning the lead over new protocols building B2B DeFi-as-a-Service infrastructure. The decentralized crypto trading platform has unveiled the debut of a new Whitelabel full trading suite capable of disrupting the dominance of centralized exchanges.

With its exclusive trading suite, ULTRADE provides brands, projects and communities with the ability to launch their DeFi trading platform instantly. This feature is enabled without the need to jumpstart liquidity or write a single line of code. Hence, the brands and projects can easily generate and capture trading fees from their audience in an owned experience.

There is no doubt that ULTRADE has introduced a remarkable concept that has triggered the interest of major web3 investors.

The project announced via a recent press release that it had raised about $2.4 million from investors who have shown enthusiasm for its new offering and are willing to invest in the project.

According to the announcement, Algorand Foundation and Web3 VC, including Big Brain Holdings, Tess Ventures, Sarson Funds, Valhalla Capital, Stealth Capital and more, have participated in the project’s seed round. Hence, it funded about $2.4M into ULTRADE. The announcement noted that the Algorand Foundation directly invested in the project, citing ULTRADE’s Whitelabel model as having a strong product market fit. The Head of Investment and Diversification of Algorand Foundation, Daniel Yang, expressed this saying;




“We think ULTRADE’s DeFi-as-a-Service infrastructure solution, offering a whitelabel suite with limit orderbook and perpetuals trading, has strong product market fit within the current DeFi adoption curve. Such protocol is particularly well suited for a high TPS, instant finality L1 architecture like Algorand.”

It is worth noting that the Startup provides users with various trading products and tools comparable in quality to those typically only found on centralized exchanges. Some of these products include; Leveraged Perpetual DEX, Limit Orderbook DEX, Token Swaps (AMM), and an Integrated Lending Marketplace.

The project’s unique infrastructure has turned trading solutions in DeFi into a commodity that other brands can include in their offerings under a Whitelabel model. Thereby reflecting the platform’s mission to bring B2B Defi to the next level.

Speaking on the development, the founder & CEO of ULTRADE, Dan Goldman, said;

“In today’s market, there is no more differentiation in trading solutions……Centralized exchanges are practically all the same, and choosing one over the other is a matter of general convenience with very little brand loyalty. The same goes for DeFi trading, which is mostly limited to Swaps and is overcrowded, with practically no differentiation. And the one big issue all these companies face is the lack of network effects, causing them to spend an inordinate amount of money on user acquisition. Their CAC is high and it’s never coming down. In fact, it gets more expensive as they grow. It’s a bad business model.”


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