Gcore Partners With Super Protocol Ahead Of The Testnet Phase Two Launch




Super Protocol, the creator of the Web3 confidential computing platform, and Gcore, the global leader in public cloud and edge computing services, have announced a partnership that will extend the capabilities of the Super Protocol ecosystem of confidential computing providers.

Super Protocol has delivered a foundation for its platform in less than a year, thanks to the work of developers with experience in enterprise-grade solutions and experts in the data protection industry. The most recent major milestone, Phase One of the test network launch, is drawing to a close with massive developer competition.

“We initially planned a soft launch to test that everything works as intended and that developers can achieve simple goals such as setting up an order for compute resources, deploying basic apps and monitoring their execution, but after the number of requests for Testnet access significantly exceeded our expectations, we decided it’s time for an ML competition. As machine learning can be resource-intensive in itself, and given the number of testers, the timing couldn’t have been better for a partnership with Gcore to bring additional resources on board. We are delighted to have a partner who shares our values and look forward to exploring further opportunities for collaboration.” Yulia Gontar, Strategic Growth Executive Super Protocol.

The ML platform that allows to launch and train models using proprietary data in a secure, protected way is one use case brought to light by the python developers’ competition. Access to the cutting-edge equipment and services provided by the Super Protocol partners, such as Gcore, will be one of the new features available in the upcoming phase, which will be available to a wider range of developers.

The Super Protocol marketplace will make Gcore’s resources available as part of the worldwide private computing network.




“We are excited to join forces with Superprotocol and bring the power of Gcore’s baremetal servers with Confidential Computing to their platform. Together, we are able to provide customers with an unparalleled level of security and performance, and we look forward to seeing the impact this partnership will have on the industry”. – Seva Vayner, Director of Edge Cloud stream at Gcore.

Gcore operates its own global IT infrastructure across six continents, with a response time of 20–30 milliseconds (ms) on average worldwide and as low as 3–5 ms in some regions. Gcore is a great fit for the team’s goal of making secure computing available to developers everywhere because of the network’s 150+ points of presence and IntelSGX technology.

Data privacy is becoming increasingly important to users, and the current state of data protection on the modern web presents an ideal opportunity for the Super Protocol. The team has set a goal of releasing a stable product this year while also increasing the number of cloud service providers and projects built on top of it.

There’s still time for you, hardboiled python ML engineer, to enter the Super Protocol Python Competition.


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