Refrigerators, stoves, and other kitchen appliances today come in various looks – from the retro to the sleek. And they surely come with a wide array of functions and features. It just makes it harder for you to make decisions when buying one for your home, more so when you’re choosing a whole set to fill your kitchen.

To help you make a wise selection, here are some pointers you should consider.

Of course, you’d want every area in your house to look great. However, when you’re thinking of devices for your kitchen, it would be wise to always put function over form, if you need to choose between the two. Always check safety and security features and durability of the product.

One major factor you need to think of is the energy efficiency of an appliance. Old models of refrigerators, dishwashers, and electrical appliances would definitely consume more power than the latest models that are equipped with energy-saving features. If you’re faced with choosing between one that’s more energy efficient but a little more expensive and another model that’s cheaper but lacks in energy efficiency, you should do the math first and see which would help you better in your long-term expenses. Remember, when you buy an appliance, it should always be for long-term use.

Another thing that helps a kitchen appliance work efficiently is having one that’s at the right size for your purpose and for the kitchen space. For instance, don’t buy a refrigerator that’s too big or too small for the food items that you usually need to store. Also, make sure that the space you allot for your refrigerator gives it enough “breathing room.”

Having the right size of appliance will also help you have a more organized home. Stoves, for instance, now come in countertop models, aside from the conventional gas or electric range and oven combination that are too bulky for those who live in apartments with minimal space. If you never use an oven, why buy one? You can just have a countertop stove installed and have a microwave oven for heating your food.

Many kitchen appliances now come in unconventional models. You don’t have to be stuck with the usual refrigerator with freezer on the top shelf and doors that swing to the side. There are models now that have freezers on the lower part of the appliance that opens by pulling it out like a drawer. Also, if you’re having a built-in oven, you can have it installed at a higher level than the usual. You’ll see the cake or roast chicken better this way. Cleaning is also much easier.

Indeed, you’ve got more options today when buying your kitchen essentials. Just make sure you know what you need and what fits your home, so you’ll get your money’s worth.